Emotions drive all of our behaviour. Emotional Sciences based on deep psychological research & proven emotional processor technologies are uniquely placed to offer advice and solutions designed to bridge the connection between individual and group thinking and behaviour in marketing or personnel. Where typical sentient systems often fail to deliver, we dive deep into the data to discover what staffs are thinking; brands are communicating and making emotional management feasible.

Marketing & Human Resource

ico_folderWhether you are measuring staff reaction and emotion or brand value via customer comment, the Emotext toolkit meets the need in a speedy, rigorous and enlightening fashion.

Sentient Analysis

ico_folderWhat are your customers feeling and what are they holding those feelings about? Emotional analysis uncovers meaning and adds value – the vital step in predicting future behaviour.

Education & Training

ico_folderThe emotional economy will be the biggest driver within and across organisations over the next decade. Be at the leading edge of that change.


emo-peopleEmotional Sciences offers a variety of solutions to companies seeking to better manage the impact of emotion on their bottom line.

The impact of emotion can be experienced in terms of the emotional wellbeing of the workforce and employees. Engagment impacts productivity.

The impact on emotion can be detected as it impacts the brand and ultimately the buying decision.

Emotional Sciences differs from many companies in that-

It is based on leading edge academic research

It has been tried and tested in many companies and sectors

It actually detects and reports on individual emotions

It reports on the issues underlying the emotions

In a business community that is starting to recognise the importance of emotional information, Emotional Sciences collects, analyses, reports and interprets the meaning of emotional data.

Some systems claim they can do this.

Few deliver.

Emotional Sciences is making breakthroughs ahead of its time.

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  • ~ Alex Fleming – Organisational & People Development, West Lothian Council

    Alex Fleming – Organisational & People Development, West Lothian Council"

    I found this resource to be a valuable and unique discussion tool which offered specific and individualised feedback on my current state of mind as well as highlighting potential development ideas for the"

  • ~ Aoife Kilduff – YSC Online Project Administrator

    Aoife Kilduff – YSC Online Project Administrator"

    (On Comparative Strategy and Key Executive Analysis of Barclays Bank International)

    Thanks Martin.... This is great. The Barclay's analysis was a big success and has been circulated around the Barclays team internally and with the U.K. RBB Head with reference to your software. This will hopefully lead to some more work on future"

  • ~ Kurt Glacy – Partners Healthcare – Center for Connected Heath, (Massachusetts, USA.)

    Kurt Glacy – Partners Healthcare – Center for Connected Heath, (Massachusetts, USA.)"

    ....... Your system for analyzing text messages to identify emotional state is rather unique in the"

  • ~ Rachel Short – Director YSC – Global oil and banking projects

    Rachel Short – Director YSC – Global oil and banking projects"The Emotext analysis was a distinctive lens that provided us with deeper insights into our client organisation's initiatives. The highly commercial approach by the Emotext team was critical in helping us to deliver a complex project on time and to"

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