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Sentient analysis:

Companies collect comments from staff, store that information…….yet lack the time and necessary expertise to analyse that qualitative data in a way that provides value. What your customers are thinking and feeling are the two most important aspects informing plans, tactics and strategy. A rigorous, researched and commercial approach is applied to a variety of customer data.


Emotional Sciences can offer consultancy engagement on all aspects of Emotional Management; whether related to human resource or marketing issues.


Through EMO®Text we can review marketing proposals or campaigns prior to their public airing and can then report on their immediate impact or, even on a daily basis, regularly measure change in message perception and impact. By utilising web crawler and scraping technologies we can also report on emotional content in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging sites; providing marketing professionals with analysis on web based emotions or change wherever data can be accessed.

Staff engagement

Human resource managers are keen to see improvements in efficiency, flow and engagement across the board so, aside from a benchmarking tool; EMO®Text is increasingly used as a fulcrum for behaviour change at individual or team levels. We measure and report on key emotions, cognitives, engagement scores and FLOW. We offer training and workshops to provide insight to managers and team leaders on the key aspects of managing emotions and we have broad experience in the creation of cultures which take more heed of emotional interaction than before. Increasingly, organisations are also concerned with Wellness of their staff and here too Emotional Sciences can offer concrete assistance.


Whilst we offer consultancy for initial benchmarking or ongoing measurement we can also deliver an understanding of emotional management with training. Our training can be accessed through:

  1. a one day ‘Introduction to Emotional Management’ seminar, designed to cover the basic ideas involved
  2. a two day ‘Key Knowledge’ workshop, built to instill some of the main learning outcomes in participants
  3. a five day ‘Embedded Culture’ process, establishing Certified facilitators within an organisation

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    • ~ Rachel Short – Director YSC – Global oil and banking projects

      Rachel Short – Director YSC – Global oil and banking projects"The Emotext analysis was a distinctive lens that provided us with deeper insights into our client organisation's initiatives. The highly commercial approach by the Emotext team was critical in helping us to deliver a complex project on time and to"

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