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Human Resources

The real world of human relations is dynamic, changing from day to day with a constantly evolving relationship between and within staff, management, company, customers, family, friends and endless other events and relationships, all of which can impact on the immediate and long term effectiveness of the organisation.

From an emotional point of view there are two competing demands in the management of the workforce –

  • The organisations need for a productive motivated workforce.
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of excessive stress in the workplace with the attendant symptoms of illness, absenteeism and high staff turnover.

The conventional static, internal (annual) staff evaluation does not deal with the types of issues that impact on the dynamic, all-encompassing, ever-changing world encountered by most organizations.

Managing the human resource of the organization through dynamically measuring the levels and source of staff engagement is the key to success.

EMO is a tool that takes its input from staff open responses in an ongoing dynamic fashion from whatever sources.

It can take input from existing survey data or from internal blogs or ad hoc reviews. It can measure the impact of developments within an organization on a day-to-day basis enabling action to be taken in a meaningful timely fashion rather than ineffectively reacting 6-12 months after an issue has arisen, after the damage has been done or opportunity lost.

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    • ~ Alex Fleming – Organisational & People Development, West Lothian Council

      Alex Fleming – Organisational & People Development, West Lothian Council"

      I found this resource to be a valuable and unique discussion tool which offered specific and individualised feedback on my current state of mind as well as highlighting potential development ideas for the"

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