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The origin of EMO was in developing a technology to analyse all the emotional signals in television advertisements, including and combining voice, vision, music and text.

In addition it has subsequently developed technologies to analyse the emotional and cognitive components of taste, to visual images (such as posters and pack designs), to video based promotion and advertising, and analyzing open text in survey responses.

We are also able to analyses open-ended responses such as appear in cyber data such as blogs, or scraped data from the web, twitter, facebook and so on.

All this means that we have an increasingly comprehensive set of technologies that can protect, enhance and develop understanding of the emotional component of the brand investment through all forms of communication from pack design to video and web advertising with dynamic tools able to inform, plan, campaign and respond to developing consumer needs, thoughts and aspirations.

There is a close link between the level of staff engagement and, particularly in the service sector where the staff themselves are a major component of the perceived quality of the brand and product offered by companies.

EMO is able to examine each of these either separately or in combination where customers and employee “care” can be better developed, understood and managed.


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    • ~ Aoife Kilduff – YSC Online Project Administrator

      Aoife Kilduff – YSC Online Project Administrator"

      (On Comparative Strategy and Key Executive Analysis of Barclays Bank International)

      Thanks Martin.... This is great. The Barclay's analysis was a big success and has been circulated around the Barclays team internally and with the U.K. RBB Head with reference to your software. This will hopefully lead to some more work on future"

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