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Emotional Sciences interest in training and education is two fold. Firstly it offers courses in EMO based emotional management. Secondly it offers the potential ability, through EMO, to manage the emotional component within all training and education courses.

A great deal of interest has been expressed in the basic concept of emotional intelligence (EQ) viewing this as an individual essentially static “given” trait akin to IQ.

Our view is that EI is in fact EI does and that, through EMO, it is possible to

educate people in the major emotional theories and concepts that have been developed over the last 300 odd years

relate the teaching of this theory to the (managers) own work experience enabling them to develop an emotional management skill-set.

Managers can therefore manage emotions intelligently based on real and ongoing organisational issues in their own workplace……irrespective iof theoir own indivdual EQ score.

As a comparison a product like (say) QuickBooks® gives an individual the ability to financially manage their workplace – however qualified they are in financial management.)

In terms of further education it is becoming increasingly apparent that the level of investment required of an individual for a degree course is such that the lifetime moral and financial prospect of failure is near untenable for the average individual or state to endure.

Customer feedback

“Participants were highly delighted at the depth of insight and experience offered By Ed Cochrane. His facilitative style and ability to engage the audience was appreciated to the point that he has been asked to undertake further work within the NHS in Scotland. I would thoroughly recommend him for anyone interested in working with emotional management and intelligence. We will undoubtedly be using his services again later in the year.”

Madeleine O’Brien

Institute of Healthcare Management

“The Emotional Sciences approach has now been successfully delivered with The Institute of Leadership and Management courses we run. Given emotion is at the heart of all successful coaching, this stimulating yet practical approach is an essential part of the coaches toolkit.”

Peter Hill – CFM (Director)

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