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Emotional Sciences believes that dynamic, ongoing emotional analysis in combination with appropriate measurements, treatments and therapies will have significant impact on a wide variety of wellness issues. We consider two areas in particular: wellness in the workplace and wellness in relation to certain problem health issues.

In the Workplace

From an emotional point of view there are two competing demands in the management of the workforce. On the one hand a manager wants a productive, motivated workforce, which is constantly challenging the boundaries of capability. On the other a manager would wish to avoid the pitfalls of excessive stress at work: with the attendant symptoms of illness, absenteeism and high staff turnover.

The problem of stress in the workplace has become commonplace in the developed world emphasised by the increasing level of stress related litigation facing companies. With the possibility of being sued, there are increasing pressures on employers to ensure their employees avoid excessive work related illness. Managers also wish their staff to maintain motivation and to be happy in their job. It is therefore reasonable to assume that a need exists for systems that can actively monitor stress related emotions and their corresponding causes; to ensure that the workplace remains a demanding and rewarding environment where individuals can perform.

In Health

Many current wellness issues and areas of public health concern relate to problems connected to lifestyle choice. Choices such as poor diet, smoking and excessive drinking themselves often relate to underlying emotional and related personality issues, acting to direct the behaviors that are the basis of the long-term problem.

Emotional Sciences suggests that a greater understanding of the underlying emotional basis of these behaviors could, in conjunction with traditional treatments, lead to more effective outcomes for the individual concerned. This is (in part at least) an emotional management problem, where continuous monitoring can be an aid to management information or patient driven success.


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